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HR & Payroll Management

HR & Payroll Management

We at VSS Career Management Consultants provide HR & Payroll Management services to our Clients which helps in eliminating multiple hurdles involved In-house payroll processing. We support in adding value to an organizational productivity by saving their valuable time, by reducing costs and by avoiding unwanted penalties.

Benefits of our HR & Payroll Management Services:

Clients can overcome their hidden payroll costs by transferring all their current and newly recruited employees on our rolls.

Our Payroll Solutions can be your perfect alternative to downsizing. You can still continue to utilize the valuable skills of your employees while they remain on our payroll.

VSS will undertake all your company’s payroll activities, record keeping, maintaining claims and filing government returns for every single employee.

We provide solutions to our esteemed Clients to appoint any categories of staff and workmen on our payroll.

VSS is committed to Client service delivery by practicing flexibility. The service charges for payroll management can further be reduced if the recruitment of candidates are done through VSS Career Management Consultants.

HR Management

  • Contribute to the growth of start-up companies
  • Evaluate & Support to devise policies in line with company’s business goals and vision
  • Contribute to the productivity and analyze productivity gaps
  • Develop People Engagement by Team building
  • Monitor Performance
  • Achieve staffing goals in given time frames and within budget for start-up

Payroll Management

  • We save your time
  • Reduce your overhead costs
  • Ensure Timely payments to employees
  • Ensure fulfillment of government compliances
  • Ensure Confidentiality & Data security
  • Professional Team of Experts on payroll
  • Reduce Errors
  • Ensure timely tax filing
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