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Educational Services

Educational Services

We undertake educational services under the franchisee ship of British Institute, one of India’s leading educators, with focus on diverse segments of education, and across learners of multiple age-groups. Originated from the School of Career, London in association with The British Institute of Commerce, The British Institute of Engineering Technology (BIET), London was established in India in 1935, with a passion for excellence in education, The British Institutes has shaped careers of millions of students in all these years since its existence.


Interactive classroom programme by industry experienced faculty through BBC Audio Visual Aids and exclusive course material from OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS to enhance the verbal quality and soft skills of the students. We impart modern communicative methods to meet the requirements of the students with individual attention. Through various types of interactive sessions like group discussions, debates and the like we bring all round development in the students. Through this courses, the presentation skill and confidence level of the student is improved. We offer three courses – Beginners, Standard and Advanced.


This course is designed to develop the personality of an individual with a holistic approach to the students’ professional as well as personal life. The mission of this course is to teach the world class life skills to every individual to cater the demand of the global society.

A wide content of topics are covered under this course from personal grooming to stress management skills.


For some years a revolution has been steadfastly going on in the field of training for Industry, Commerce and Public Services, when a career in COMPUTER is the most sought after choice. The need is apparent as COMPUTER education can be applied to all levels of activity in private and public sectors. The employment market is recognizes other qualifications with a demand for computer know-how. The supply of new recruits with proper training are comparatively short and thereby a COMPUTER TRAINING is a must for seeking employment in today’s competitive world.

We offer three level courses – Beginners, Standard and Advanced.

Educational Services

  • Career guidance & counseling
  • Conduct Spoken English Language courses
  • Carry out Beginners, Standard and Advanced courses for Individuals & Corporate
  • Conduct Personality Development & Confidence building courses
  • Increased student and instructor interaction is increase due to limited class size
  • Certificates are issued to candidates qualifying the course
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