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Training – Corporate, Engineering & NDT

Training – Corporate, Engineering & NDT

Every Course is unique in itself, being designed and developed by the best subject matter experts and taught by the industry based instructors.

Faculty at VSS Career Management Consultants are a group of experienced professionals having huge theoretical and practical knowledge in their respective fields.

We aim to provide your organization with a ‘one stop shop solution’ for your Corporate & Engineering Training requirements. At VSS, we try to offer practical examples to ensure the trainees can relate to the training programmer in the best possible manner.

Course content is continually updated by feedback received from our Clients, associates and trainees enabling us to keep the training courses well organized.

Training Model

VSS Career Management Consultants maintain that real asset of any country or an organization is the young work force within it. Taking this philosophy forward, we believe in developing and training the fresh engineers for a company. These minds are energetic, vibrant and full of curiosity to learn multiple things at a given time. We find out such talents from your company through our evaluation process and train these minds to understand the onsite engineering requirement and their expected contribution for the company growth.

VSS Career Management Consultants also extend its support in recruiting and training such candidates for any given assignment for your company.

Once we identify your requirements, we design and tailor-make our course contents as per your topics / project scope. The course material is meticulously designed by our professionals by going into every minute details of the topics so as to stand committed to Client expectations.

Our unique engineering training course is extended to engineers from Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation etc. covering multi-disciplinary activities related to the field of Engineering Projects and maintenance. This course is perfect for fresher and junior category staff.

Our training sessions are conducted on methodologies and evaluation processes that gives a boost to your employee morale, increases efficiency and productivity, enhances integrity factor, introduces change management, reduces recruitment costs and gives your organization the competitive advantage it needs.

Course Features

  • Course for Fresh Engineering Graduates or Junior Engineers to understand the real onsite engineering model.
  • Helps company to overcome the problem of training its fresh engineers and junior staff.
  • This course helps to increase individual productivity level and creates a company’s talent pool.
  • Courses are offered as per the Client’s project scope.
  • Course session runs for a minimum of 60 days.
  • This course includes communication, soft skills personality and personality development of the trainee.

Training Delivery Methods

Our training courses are delivered through a variety of methods. This includes, training staff at your premises or at our venue. The course session is designed as per time frame given by the Client.

Group Size Required – Minimum 20 Candidates per training.

NDT Testing & Training

  • We carry out formal training as recommended in the ASNT document for qualification and certification of NDT personnel
  • Our courses have been designed for a wide variety of people and the industry at a whole.
  • We cover theory and application method through in-depth lectures and study material
  • Provision of practical experience to students on tools and techniques
  • Increased Student and Instructor interaction due to a limited class size
  • 30 days of course period
  • Course material is divided into manageable section with a final exam
  • Certificate to passing candidates

Training & Development

  • We offer a course for Fresh Engineering Graduates to understand the real onsite engineering needs and various procedures as per engineering standards.
  • We offer leading engineering companies to carry out in-house course for fresh graduates and increase productivity
  • Company overcomes the problem of training its junior staff
  • We help to develop a company’s talent pool
  • Such courses are offered on the subject or scope as desired by the Company
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